Additional Services

Metro Studios customizes services to match your exact specifications, and we can offer you a diverse selection of options and additional services.

Additional Services Include:


Metro Studio’s talented art director can create and design labels for all your products. We can customize labels with barcodes or even serialize each disc. We will match your existing artwork and create brilliant mock-ups for your review.

Reader Scripts

We begin our reader script process by creating a style guide for consistency and continuity throughout the test to eliminate confusion for the student.For example, we know it’s critical to type out equations such (3 + 4) ≈ (2 x 3) +1. Different test administrators would then voice this equation the same across all classrooms, keeping a level playing field between students. And we know how helpful it is to phonetically spell out words, like Corythosaurus.

Track Lists

Metro Studios can create a document with track and chapter numbers to accompany your CD or DVD.


Tell us how and when to deliver your work and we’ll beat your deadline. Metro Studios will match your warehouse and pallet specs and provide cost-effective shipping options. Our central Midwest location makes shipping to all parts of the U.S. convenient and affordable.