What You Can Expect From Metro Studios

For nearly twenty years, Metro Studios has been a leader in the test accommodations field. We’ve kept pace with the latest technology, while keeping in mind the limited resources that sometimes confine technology in the public school system.

Before we begin any project, we listen carefully to your needs and create a project timeline; it’s a critical first step that saves you time and money.

Our team of experts works with you throughout the process. We answer questions and suggest solutions. We want to ensure you’re confident, comfortable and completely satisfied with your educational media products.


We know that school assessment windows are set in stone, years in advance. We set milestones for your projects so we can meet your deadline, without Q&A sacrifice.


Metro Studios takes test security very seriously. We have stringent building security protocols in place to ensure your secure items are protected.

At the end of each work day, all secure documents, files, external hard drives, and discs are locked in cabinets behind locked doors. Only the necessary staff has access to secure documents and all our vendors must adhere to our security protocols. All staff members and vendors sign non-disclosure agreements. In addition, we offer SSH file transport protocol.


Metro Studios has back up systems in place, so a power loss or computer failure is just a minor hiccup, not a major crisis.

Budget Conscious

We know money is often tight in the education sector. That’s why we always stick to your budget and treat your money like it’s our money. We’ll contact you immediately if we have a price modification. We’re honest, trustworthy, and grateful for your business.

Comprehensive, Weekly Status Reports

We communicate with you about your project from start to finish, via weekly status reports. However, if you'd like conference calls or emails, we're happy to comply. Our accommodation production process involves the latest technology, expert project management skills, and exceptional customer service.